Even in Hochheim, the spring of 2013 was cool and the onset of the flowering period was relatively late. The warm vineyards of Hochheim did, however, benefit from an early start to the ripening season. As described in the report, in Hochheim we had no problems during the flowering period as it had been very warm at that time and the flower clusters were able to grow into grapes without a natural loss of flowers ("Verrieselung").

As every year we consistently removed the less than perfect grapes in all vineyards to be able to harvest grapes that are one hundred percent healthy. We are very happy with the vintage. By picking the grapes by hand and using strict selection criteria, we have ended up with a very good vintage with full-bodied, dry wines that are underpinned by a delicate acidity.

The fruitiness of the Riesling is spot on.

Due to the rainfall, the wines will, however, lack some of their elegantly sweet cusp. When the levels of humidity are high, the noble rot cannot dry that well, which, unfortunately, was the case. The young wines that are being sampled at the moment are more than promising because they are characterized by high levels of extract caused by an average yield of 55 hl/ha hat.