Assmannshausen Höllenberg Spätburgunder GG Trocken



we own 0,4 acres of this vineyard

Site and soil: Similar to our Hochheim vineyard "Hölle", this vineyard too derives its name from the word "helda", which means "steep slope". Virtually one hundred percent of this entire south-facing site that is interspersed with walls and whose soil consists of extremely stony, purple-colored phyllite shale is planted up with Pinot Noir grapes. The Höllenberg is exposed to very high temperatures in the summer months that abruptly drop at night. These temperature fluctuations lead to a long ripening phase and result in wines with an abundance of aromas.

Character: The Pinot Noir wines from the Höllenberg are always full-bodied and boast a dense minerality. With their pronounced fruitiness and delicate acidity they are a valuable addition to our Pinot Noir single-vineyard wines from Stein and Reichestal.