we own 0.7 acres of this vineyard
grape variety: 100% Riesling

Site and soil: The deans of Mainz Cathedral were paid with the yield from this vineyard. Loess loam is the basis of this very fertile soil. Loess was deposited on the slope below the church and was mixed with the older gravel washed up from the River Main. The airborne dust that later turned into weathered loess contains large amounts of clay. The heavy layers of soil store water, which means that, even in the hottest summers, the vines are very well supplied with water.

Character: power and noblesse. Ample warmth and an abundance of minerals encourage grape ripening. The wines produced from this vineyard are full-bodied and boast an intensive bouquet of ripe fruit such as honeydew melons or lychees. Due to the limey clay marl, the wine has a distinctive minerality and a noticeable but soft acidity. It needs to mature for at least two years before it develops its quality and its full range of aromas.