we own 10.1 acres of this vineyard
grape varieties: 76% Riesling, 20% Chardonnay, 4% Sauvignon blanc

Site and soil: Originally, the site belonged to the Canons of Cologne and later to those of Mainz. In abrupt contrast to the adjacent Stein vineyard, the soil of this site consists almost exclusively of limestone shingle that has been used to fill a former quarry. It is covered by lime-rich layers of sandy loess and a hefty deposit of humus and compost. This emphasizes the micro-climate because the dark humus heats up quickly under the sun and is well aired.

Character: minerality and finesse. Delicately tangy wines boasting fruitiness, zest and a very well balanced, refined acidity. Even when young, these wines are very accessible; they do, however, improve with age; hence they have great maturing potential and a good shelf life.