we own 23.2 acres of this vineyard
grape varieties: 96% Riesling, 4% Pinot noir

Site and soil: "Hölle" is derived from the Middle High German word "Halde(a) = steep hill". This southern vineyard with a fifteen degree gradient is located east of the old town of Hochheim sloping down to the River Main. The clay marl soil is made up of the finest clay particles and ample amounts of lime; it is a mineral six-pack. Due to the subsequent layers of loose brown loess loam, the vines receive abundant water and air to thrive.

Character: The wines boast a mineral and racy acidity coupled with a pleasant interplay of fruitiness and spiciness. When young, they are a bit of a wall flower. They do, however, have an enormous ageing potential; as they mature, they open up and show vigor as well as a delicate mineral acidity. This is a vineyard that produces wines with enormous power and minerality, which together create a synergy of aromas on the palate.