we own 6.1 acres of this vineyard
grape variety: 100% Riesling

Site and soil: Since 1271, the vineyard east of the church has been known as "Kirchanger", which means "land near the church". A large part of the vineyard was owned by the Canons of Mainz Cathedral until 1803. The charming slope faces south whilst the city in the north protects it from the cold northerly winds. The soil structure changes from heavy lime to loess loam to lighter layers of sand above the deep, water-drenched subsoil.

Character: delicacy and length. The ripening process of the grapes is shaped by intensive periods of rainfall and drought. This results in a light, tart Riesling with refreshing levels of acidity. The clay marl helps the wine to develop a mineral aroma boasting great finesse and subtlety. The wines mature earlier but, due to their great storage potential, the wines improve as they age.