we own 21 acres of this vineyard
grape varieties: 69% Riesling, 31% Pinot noir

Site and soil: The name of the site, which in German means "Rich Valley", not only refers to its richly fertile soil but also to its location in a valley with a very warm micro-climate. The sandy and loamy layers of loess above the limy marl subsoil warm up very quickly. Hence, the buds flower early each year and the growing season is very long. The grapes from this site are used to produce wines of an international Burgundy standard.

Character: charm and silkiness. The loess loam soil has water and minerals in abundance. Being well supplied, the vines benefit from the warmth of the long autumn days and allow the grapes to ripen until late October. Ideal conditions for the development of a silky Pinot Noir. The low levels of lime in the topsoil lend the wine a crisp but pleasant acidity.