we own 9.6 acres of this vineyard
grape varieties: 57% Riesling, 30% Pinot noir, 13% Chardonnay

Site and soil: The name of the vineyard gives an indication of the predominant soil quality. The soil ranges from sandy to pebbly sections that are interspersed with bits of loess. The deep subsoil underneath contains tertiary marl. The sandy soil warms up very quickly, which leads to a very early onset of the flowering season and a longish ripening period. The fast warming up of the soil makes the grapes ripen more quickly.

Character: intricate structure and density. Vines that grow on "light" sandy soil tend to be moderately well supplied with water and mineral nutrients. The wines produced from this site are delicately structured, soft and with moderate acidity. They appear fruity but their fruity aromas veer towards the delicate. Due to the drifting sand in the topsoil and the lime marl that lies underneath, the Pinot Noir grapes help produce a refined and concentrated type of Burgundy wine that has a lot of depth.