we own 11.6 acres of this vineyard
grape variety:
100% Riesling

Site and soil: The name is derived from the German word for "steep path" or "step". Here, on this heavy loam- and clay-based soil interspersed with large amounts of sand, grow grapes that produce sustainable and robust wines which, in their own unique way, still manage to be elegantly delicate. Stielweg is the only vineyard where old vines combine an enormous wealth of fruitiness with the delicate ways of a Riesling. Hence, the wine made from these over fifty-year-old vines exudes aristocratic vigor and noblesse.

Character: vigor and elegance. The roots of the over 50-year-old vines of the Stielweg reach deep into the soil extracting an abundance of minerals. This results in a vigorous Riesling wine that, despite its abundant fruitiness and its aroma of ripe peaches and apricots, still manages to hold on to its tender Riesling character. The low calcium content of the soil combined with high levels of sand lends the wine a lively elegance coupled with a pleasantly crisp acidity.