Weiß Erd

we own 3.2 acres of this vineyard
grape variety: 100% Riesling

Site and soil: The largely unknown vineyard boasts an extraordinarily good micro-climate. The wines are clearly characterized by its soil of white lime marl. The exclusively south-facing slope 90 meters above sea level enjoys great sun exposure. The roots of the vines penetrate deeply into the loose soil until they reach the lime-rich layers of white marl. In the summer, the soil of this vineyard sparkles brightly white in the sun.

Character: softness and depth. The cold air that flows down the slope in the summer cools down the vineyard at night and extends the ripening period of the grapes. The fertile loess loam supplies the vines with abundant water and minerals. This is a wine that wins you over with its full body, its aromas of ripe fruit and its racy acidity. The lime of the subsoil lends the wine enormous minerality. As the acidity of this wine is well buffered, it appears pleasantly soft.