Total area: 24 hectares
Weingut Künstler 4,7 hectares
Grape Varieties: 100% Riesling

Vineyard and Soils
The name "Stielweg" derives from an old term for a "steep track." The heavy loamy and clayey soils, leavened with sand, produce rich, long-lived wines with a distinctive, fine-spun elegance. The Stielweg vineyard stands alone for its old vines that combine enormous fruitiness with the tender Riesling character. Wines from these over 50-year-old vines radiate regal power and noblesse.

Power and Grace — With vines over 50 years in age, the roots have penetrated deep into the Stielweg's soil, drawing heartily from its mineral bounty. Despite its rich and powerful fruit concentration, redolent of ripe peaches and apricots, this wine retains a delicate Riesling character. The low calcium carbonate content combined with the high proportion of sand in the soil results in wines with a delicately playful and fresh acidity.